Loud Noises
Based in São Paulo, Brazil

Release date:
15 March, 2014



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LAUT is a coop "educational" party game where the players have to try to understand and answer what people say to them in a very surreal and strange party in Berlin. Player one will be looking at the screen and seeing what world the characters shout, while player two looks for that word in the manual and translates which button player one has to press. Each word means one different button of the controller, and the words changes every 5 seconds. FAST LEARNING!


The game was made in 48 hours for Game Jam Sao Paulo, organized by Goethe-Institut and A Maze. Festival. It was selected as a finbalist to take part at A MAZE. / Berlin 2014. LAUT was made in GameMaker:Studio.


  • Arcade game with asymmetric coop!
  • Players will yell at each other on a regular basis!
  • FAST LEARNING! The most efficient method to learn some vocabulary, with a average learning time of 5 seconds.
  • German/Portuguese words will popup on your screen at


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Awards & Recognition

  • "A Maze./Berlin - Goethe São Paulo Gamejam Winner" Berlin, 9 April, 2014

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Original Soundtrack
Available from soundcloud.com.

About Loud Noises

Loud Noises is a “gang” of game makers based in São Paulo (Brazil). Since 2013 we got a (questionable) reputation from our different projects such as Headblaster, a freeware PC arcade game, and Doti-Doti no Gaea, a mobile educational game about recycling. Our members are also active within the local game developer community, where our members have organized events (SPjam and SPIN) and a portrait series about the people involved in the game development scene (Retratos Independentes). We were the winners of a government grant in 2014 by SPCine (a company of movies and visual arts controlled by the São Paulo government). Since then, we have been working on a turn-based RPG inspired by a cartoon show. This game is estimated to be released in 2018.

More information
More information on Loud Noises, our logo & relevant media are available here.

LAUT Credits

Andre Asai
Art, Programming, Game Design

Jose Osmar

Thiago Adamo
Music and Sound Design

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