“Pop Pills, Murder People And Destroy The World In Headblaster" -Chris Priestman, Indie Statik


“Headblaster Is Frantic, Hilarious, Head-Exploding Fun" -Natham Grayson, Rock, Paper, Shotgun


“Freeware Pick: Pop pills and pedestrians until your brain explodes in Headblaster" -Paul Hack, Indie Games


“Headblaster by Loud Noises raises a middle finger salute and screams out ‘fuck it - let’s take some drugs!’ before exploding onto your screen in a short-lived yet riotous cacophony of fun.“ -Anton MacArthur - RGCD


"Headblaster; pirulas, dolores de cabeza y Cactus” -Alberto Espinal - Indie Locus


“Headblaster is an addictive, punishing, and extremely fun game. If only more developers would strive for these three qualities… the video game industry would be a much better place." -Anton Frackowski - Hold.Start.Select.


Headblaster is a fastpaced freeware 2D topdown action game.The player has to collect medicine to control the character’s headache and stress in a randomly generated city. The higher the stress, the closer to death, but also the more powerful the player gets.




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